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2020 Barging Experience Prices

Choose from 1, 2 or 3 nights for our Barging Experience including your RYA IW Helmsman course (inclusive of ICC) or add in an extra consolidation and 4th night to reinforce learning and practice.

Typically our guests stay onboard with us for 3 or 4 nights, the choice is yours to ensure you savour your Barging Experience

Please note that it is our policy to provide our clients with a fully focused learning environment, which means we do not carry other guests. So if you come to us, you must be participating in a course or assessment.

*Prices quoted are for the two day RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman Barging Experience with one night's fully inclusive stay onboard.

The Barging Experience Price
For Couples
This fully inclusive Barging Experience provides:-
RYA IW Helmsman's Course two day training for two people
CEVNI examination for two people
All your personal study material and publications in a choice of hardcopy or e-version
Overnight accommodation in our double guest cabin
All food, drink and refreshments throughout your stay
Open access to our joint experience and expertise throughout each evening to help demystify the world of barging
Prices start from


per couple

For Singles
All as above but for the solo guest


Prices start from


per person

Occasionally we are able to offer a 'solo shared' Barging Experience

All as above but a shared learning experience with another single guest

Prices start from


per person

Additional day Barging Experience
Prefer to extend your stay?  Why not include an extra day to consolidate your learning and practice with ongoing supervision.

This fourth night residential extension includes:-
- An extra day at helm with close supervision and ongoing instruction
- An extra nights accommodation
- All meals and refreshments throughout the day

RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman Training course only
- Non-residential
For Couples
Two days training starting and ending each day at Buzet sur Baïse

This non-residential training includes:-
- Full instruction and supervision at the helm to complete the full syllabus of the RYA IW Helmsman course
- CEVNI examination
- ICC approval
- All your personal study material and publications in a choice of hardcopy or e-version
- Lunch and refreshments throughout both days

For Singles
As above but for the solo student

ICC assessment only - Non-residential
For Couples
One day assessment starting and returning to Buzet sur Baïse

The ICC assessment includes:-
- Observation and questioning of helmsman boat handling skills necessary for the ICC
- Test environment without instruction or guidance
- CEVNI examination
- Lunch and refreshments through the day

The ICC assessment is for experienced helmsman who have already mastered the necessary skills

For Singles

As above but for the solo student


Buzet-sur-Baïse is easily accessed from the A62 and has a selection of local accommodation options available.  Contact us for further information and availability of these non-residential training days.


Booking and Payment Options

Please visit our availability page which presents a detailed calendar of dates still open for courses.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements to ensure these meet your exact needs depending on your previous skills and experience including any residential aspect.

Once dates are held in reserve for you a minimum €500 deposit is then required to confirm your booking.  Please do not commit to travel arrangements, e.g. flights, until this stage is complete.  Full payment is due at least two calendar months before your arrival.

Payment is through a bank transfer or we now accept payment by credit cards.