Uniquely professional and enjoyable learning experience

Steve and Jo are the perfect hosts. They created an ideal situation how to learn how to handle a barge on the French canals. They are amazing, Steve is an education pro – you learn under his patient guidance. ‘Somewhere’ is a wonderful boat for learning to cross locks safely. Jo is the most amazing Chef, all of the food was wonderful. We learned an amazing amount of information about barging. This was a great course and experience with two wonderful kind ‘folks’.¬†Outstanding experience from all perspectives! Bargecraft Boat School provides an exemplary hands on learning experience for anyone eager to gain competency and confidence in safely operating a barge. Steve is a master teacher, clearly explaining the learning objectives, guiding your actual hands on activities and facilitating your success.

Jo is the most delightful host you will find anywhere! Not only warm and friendly, she is an accomplished cook and baker as well. Jo made our stay onboard ‘Somewhere’ an unforgettable pleasure.

The Bargecraft Boat School team, Steve and Jo, offer a uniquely professional and enjoyable learning experience aboard their classic barge. For anyone interested in pursuing his or her dream of barging, this is THE place to do it.