International Certificate of Competence (ICC) Introduction

The International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure of Craft or more usually stated as the International Certificate of Competence, or simply ICC is the recommended licence if you intend to cruise the waters of Europe.  It provides evidence to authorities that you are competent at handling a vessel, within a specified category, without the need for having a separate boat licence for each country you may visit.

There are 5 categories under which the ICC are issued or endorsed, these are:

  1. Coastal waters
  2. Inland waterways
  3. Powerboats, either up to 10m or over 10m
  4. Sailing boats
  5. Personal watercraft

If you hold an ICC and intend to cruise the inland waterways of Europe (outside of the UK) you are advised to check that the correct category is stated on your licence, i.e. ’inland waters is endorsed as yes’.  If it is not, you need to undertake an assessment and pass a CEVNI examination before you are licenced to let the lines go on the inland waters!

As an RYA inland waterways training centre, Bargecraft are accredited to assess and approve for the Inland Waterways ICC and provide the CEVNI examination.

Alternatively, your RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman’s certificate is accepted as evidence of your competency to support your UK ICC application – you’ll just need to study for your CEVNI examination, which can be taken with us at the same time.

Your ICC taken with Bargecraft may not be valid if your boat is not UK registered.  Owners of vessels registered in other countries will need to check with the authorities of the country in which the boat is registered.

The RYA are a recognised authority who issue the ICC for the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency.  The following FAQs may help in fully understanding the ICC.  Please click on a question which will take you to the relevant page on the RYA website for a full and comprehensive explanation.

What is the ICC? An introduction and overview of the ICC and its origins.

Why do I need an ICC? An explanation of what the ICC is and its purpose.

What length boat am I able to pilot with the ICC? The ICC is valid generally across Europe, however the restrictions and validity varies from country to country.  Please check carefully the ‘Resolution 40’ table which this link takes you to.

I want to cruise inland Germany, is the ICC accepted there? This link takes you to the latest UNECE meeting minutes.  For Germany please see note 38.

Who can apply for an ICC?  How to apply for and renew your ICC.

I’m not British, can I apply for a UK ICC? A list of countries excluded from being able to apply for a UK ICC

How long is the ICC valid for? Validity and renewal information.

Using your ICC Information sheet on the ICC

I have an ICC, how do I know if it is valid for inland waterways generally? List of ICC categories and a detailed table of training courses and certification available to achieve the relevant ICC category endorsement.

Do I need to take an exam to get an ICC? Details the requirements of inland waters and CEVNI.