L’Extension Grande Plaisance (EGP)

Bargecraft hosts the [l'Extension] Grande Plaisance (EGP) aboard Somewhere.  The EGP training course is operated through Benoit and Eve of ENAM (a French boat school).  Benoit and Eve are qualified EGP instructors and speak English, although they prefer to deal with enquiries via email - we all find telephone conversations tricky in another language!

Please contact Benoit and Eve at [email protected] for full information about the training courses, prices, preparation and availability.

Although we cannot directly instruct the EGP, we can share some helpful information to give you a good background of what to expect.

EGP Pre-Requisite - you must already hold the French Permis Plaisance option Eaux Intérieures (EI)).  This can only be taken at a French Bateau école (we are not able to provide this training or qualification).  Please visit this French government webpage to review all the details.  Essentially this licence is valid for boats up to 20m.

ENAM can help you prepare and achieve your EI.  Part of this includes learning the CEVNI in French as you will need to pass this at a French test centre, before the practical training can begin.

EGP Pre-course Registration - once you have your EI you can register for the EGP which must be at least 21 days before the training can begin.

EGP Training Course - what to expect

  • The training is all practical, no written examination is required
  • It is predominantly the application of your piloting skills and knowledge already acquired and applying these to a boat over 20m
  • The EGP course from ENAM is run over two consecutive days aboard Somewhere, we – Steve will remain onboard as crew only
  • The route will be on the Canal de La Garonne from Buzet-sur-Baïse
  • The fee paid to ENAM is for a non-residential course only.  Barge hire, lunch and refreshments are included.
  • A maximum of two students per course is permissible

The EGP course syllabus is available at Service Public website - ‘Google Chrome’ has an automatic translate function.