Inland Waterways Crew Course (IWCC)


Pre-course experience: None

Assumed knowledge: None

Minimum duration: 1 day as a stand-alone course, 2 days if accompanying a helmsman's course.

Minimum age: 8

The IWCC is a one day training course to help novices crew their vessel safely. It can be good fun if run alongside a two day Inland Waterways Helmsman's Course if there's another member of the family who will be helping you on your boat. So, in these circumstances we would be happy to extend this into two days at no extra cost, thus allowing you more time to practice your new skills.

Please note; all the crewing techniques are included in the Helmsman's two day course, therefore it is not necessary to take both courses.  This course does not qualify you to apply for the ICC.

The course itself covers:

  • Personal and Boat Safety
  • Basic seamanship skills; knots, lines, use of deck equipment, e.g. fenders, stakes and boat hook.
  • Communication between helmsman and crew.
  • Roles in an emergency; man overboard, fire and flooding.
  • Understanding crew requirements when negotiating hazards.