L’Extension Grande Plaisance (EGP)

If the UK ICC does not suit your requirements because you have a larger barge then you will need additional accreditation such as the ‘Grande Plaisance’ licence, more commonly referred to as the ‘EGP’ (Extension Grande Plaisance).  This gives you the freedom to skipper vessels of unlimited length across Europe.

Bargecraft is working in collaboration with Benoit and Eve of ENAM (a French boat school) and we are delighted to launch an EGP course commencing Spring 2018.  Benoit and Eve are qualified EGP instructors and speak excellent English.  The Grande Plaisance course must be operated and owned by a French 'Bateau Ecole', i.e. ENAM and all courses will be run aboard ‘Somewhere’.


The essential starting point if you are looking to obtain the EGP is you must already have the French Permis Plaisance (the French small boat licence).

If you do not have the French Permis Plaisance, the UK ICC endorsed for inland waterways with VHF licence is usually an acceptable equivalent without any further practical assessment.  The French authorities are happy to issue you with the required licence when you apply to them with the appropriate paperwork and evidence.


The process to obtain the French Permis Plaisance must be completed prior to the EGP course and takes around six weeks (plus postal delivery time).  For those booked on the EGP with ENAM they offer an administration service with this application process if you need it.

Please note: The French authorities treat every application for an 'equivalence' on a case by case basis. We would strongly advise you to contact them to ensure you are clear as to what licence or certificate they would accept from you in your particular case, especially if you are not from an EU State. Their address and telephone number is:

Pôle Navigation Intérieure
123, rue de Roubaix
Centre Tertiaire de l'Arsenal
CS 20839
59508 Douai cedex

A recent application for 'Equivalence' has been rejected as the applicants are not EU nationals.  However, they may still obtain the Permis Plaisance using their existing ICC plus successful completion of the CEVNI theory examination in French.  This is a multiple choice exam and is achievable with careful study of the appropriate theory phrases.

The ‘Equivalence’ application pack to get your Permis Plaisance requires:

  • Equivalence application form; Cerfa No. 14683*01.
  • Your original UK ICC, endorsed for Inland Waterways and vessels above 10m in length
  • Photocopy of your VHF, Short Range Certificate
  • Medical declaration form Cerfa No. 14673*01 (in French) signed, stamped and dated within the last six months.
  • Photocopy of your passport as proof of ID
  • Standard passport sized colour photograph
  • Timbre Fiscal (tax stamp) €70 (available as an online purchase from the Service Public website)
  • SAE for the return of your original ICC
  • You must be in physical possession of the French Permis Plaisance before the EGP course may begin

It is therefore not possible to book a continuous boating course to incorporate the RYA Helmsman/ICC and immediately follow this with the EGP.  We suggest a minimum gap of three months to allow for the processing of the required licences.


The key facts of the EGP training course are:-

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must hold the Permis Plaisance and so are able to demonstrate that you can handle a boat and know the rules and procedures of the inland waterways
  • The EGP course programme syllabus is available through this link to the Service Public website (if you open this in ‘Google Chrome’ it will be translated into English)
  • The course must be completed over two consecutive days, a minimum of 9 hours.
  • The training vessel must be at least 20m in length
  • A maximum of two students per course.
  • The EGP programme is all practical. There is no written examination required.

On completion of the EGP two day course Benoit or Eve will complete a certificate of competence Cerfa Form no. 14680*01’.  This form is your provisional EGP certificate and must be submitted to the French authorities who will issue your formal EGP licence.  To complete the application process for this you will need to bring with you:

  • French Permis Plaisance (small boat licence)
  • Timbre Fiscal (tax stamps) €38, (online purchase at this link on the Service Public website)
  • A recent, standard passport sized colour photo


BARGECRAFT and ENAM have agreed to work collaboratively to provide this essential course for the owners (or would be owners) of large barges/boats.  The key principles of providing this course are:-

  • ENAM owners/instructors, Benoit and Eve, are qualified to instruct and assess students for the EGP, i.e. Grande Plaisance. They are French and speak excellent English.  We, Steve and Jo, will remain onboard throughout the course to assist with crewing.
  • ENAM and Bargecraft will set aside periods during the cruising year specifically for EGP courses. Bookings can be made for either Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday.
  • The EGP course route will be on the Canal de la Garonne, typically from Moissac.
  • ENAM are responsible for all administration and registration of the EGP course and therefore, all course fees are payable to ENAM. A minimum 10% deposit confirms your booking and the full balance must be paid at least one month before the course date.
  • It is a non-residential course, but if you wish to stay onboard Somewhere with us, this can be arranged separately with Bargecraft.


April 2018 has been set aside by ENAM and Bargecraft for the EGP.

ENAM charge €1,300 per person for the non-residential course.  This excludes the Timbre Fiscal fee of €38 and any associated preparatory 'Equivalence' fees.

Barge hire, lunch and refreshments through the day are included in the charge.