Update of 03 August 2017:

L’Extension Grande Plaisance (EGP)

The l’Extension Grande Plaisance or more commonly referred to as EGP is the French boating licence for vessels overs 20m.

If you have an ICC endorsed for inland waters and your boat is less than 24m this is sufficient for cruising the inland waterways of France, but if your boat is larger than 24m then you will need to obtain this accreditation.  The EGP has the added benefit that it is accepted in other European countries where the ICC acceptance is restricted, e.g. in Germany the ICC is currently only accepted for boats up to 15m (this is expected to increase to 20m later in 2017).

Bargecraft is entering into a collaboration with Enam Boat School to progress the option of an English speaking EGP course becoming part of both schools’ training courses using ‘Somewhere’ as the training boat and Enam's classroom facilities.  In principle, Enam believe this is certainly feasible and are delighted at the opportunity to have access to a boat over 20m so they can also extend their own course portfolio to the EGP. 

The boat school owners have last month (July) successfully become accredited EGP instructors. Their paperwork is currently being processed and we shall be meeting them later this month (August) to discuss the way ahead. If you have already registered an interest with us, please be patient as we will write to everyone as soon as we have information on what Enam can offer and what you need to do before taking this course.

In the meantime, if you are interested in this opportunity of taking your EGP with us please do email us with an indication of when you would be able to be in the South of France to take the course, even if you're looking at next year as an option.  This will also enable us to keep you up to date via email as to what the course involves, location and of course cost, whilst helping us to begin planning the joint school availability and timetable for courses.

At this stage, we have an overview of the pre-requisites students need before being able to take the EGP, however, one aspect is still to be clarified.  Again, once this is finalised we will publish these here - why not keep this page bookmarked so you can easily check back for updates?  For those comfortable translating documents or merely utilising ‘Google Translate’ then please click on this link for the French government requirements for the EGP.