All in all a delightful holiday…

with patient and realistic instruction based on actually handling a unique vessel, good meals and convivial evening conversation to enjoy. … Read more “All in all a delightful holiday…”

Lisa and Bob, USA - June 2023

Enjoyable and educational!

‘Somewhere’ is a very clean, tidy and beautiful boat to do the course on.  Jo and Steve clearly know their… Read more “Enjoyable and educational!”

Stephen and Fiona, Belgium (UK expats) - May 2023

The attention to detail was fabulous

Thank you for all the help and support Steve and Jo.  You run a very professional operation and it felt… Read more “The attention to detail was fabulous”

Richard and Angela, UK - May 2023

Made me most welcome

You would not find a nicer couple of people than Steve and Jo.  Made me most welcome and taught in… Read more “Made me most welcome”

Jon, France (UK ex pat) - April 2023

An educational retreat ‘par excellence’

Unique learning experience, worth every penny. Steve and Jo are professional and knowledgeable, yet at the same time delightfully personable… Read more “An educational retreat ‘par excellence’”

Brent Gehre, USA - October 2022

Highly recommend 🙂

Steve and Jo are extremely proficient and personable hosts who clearly take great pride in the course they are offering.… Read more “Highly recommend :-)”

Callum and Timmi, Australia - Oct 2022

Enjoyed the entire 3 days

Training was very good and at just the right pace. Canal beautiful, boat spacious and comfortable. Overall, great… Read more “Enjoyed the entire 3 days”

Neil and Susan, UK - Sept 2022

Thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and educating

What a wonderful three days on ‘Somewhere’ – we could have gone ‘anywhere’…but it was a fabulous, professional and luxurious… Read more “Thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and educating”

Neil and Paul, UK - Sept 2022

Everything was first rate

Peter, Australia - Sep 2022

I was made to feel completely at ease

From the moment I was greeted by Steve, Jo, Rosie and Jim I was made to feel completely at ease… Read more “I was made to feel completely at ease”

Simon, France (UK ex-pat) - Aug 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the course

I came away far better equipped to operate a vessel on inland waterways, thank… Read more “I thoroughly enjoyed the course”

Chris, France (UK ex pat) - July 2022

Thank you for the wonderful days I spent with you on ‘Somewhere’

The boat was stunning as was your welcome and hospitality. You both were professional and knowledgeable about the training. As… Read more “Thank you for the wonderful days I spent with you on ‘Somewhere’”

Kevin, France (UK ex-pat) - Aug 2022

All elements of the training were extreme high standards

We are impressed with the high standard that Steve and Jo set for the RYA Helmsman course and to adjust… Read more “All elements of the training were extreme high standards”

Willem and Charmaine, New Zealand - July 2022

The instructions made it fun and memorable

Patience shown / demonstrated was superb. Our opportunity to repeat exercises and manoeuvres was very helpful. Ongoing feedback given with… Read more “The instructions made it fun and memorable

John and Jim, USA - July 2022

We spent a delightful two days with Steve and Jo

We learnt so much and enjoyed the whole… Read more “We spent a delightful two days with Steve and Jo”

Kim and Jenny, Australia - July 2022

Steve and Jo are excellent hosts and trainers

They are vey patient with newcomers to boating. The accommodation is very comfortable and Jo’s cooking is excellent. Steve being… Read more “Steve and Jo are excellent hosts and trainers”

Paul and Lesley, USA - July 2022

Great hospitality…

…and an idyllic couple of days escaping the rat race on the Garonne. We even managed to get… Read more “Great hospitality…”

Dee and Stuart, UK - June 2022

The course, atmosphere and the boat was excellent!

Very professionally run course, with the right blend of ‘serious’ training and discussion about the reality of living and/or long… Read more “The course, atmosphere and the boat was excellent!”

Helen and Peter, France (ex-pats) - June 2022

It exceeded our expectations on all levels

We cannot recommend the Bargecraft course highly enough. The level of professionalism and extremely high standards of both Steve and… Read more “It exceeded our expectations on all levels”

Marc and Nicole, Australia - May 2022

Incredible experience

Incredible experience with very patient and competent instructor. Boat was very comfortable for the training and well maintained. Enjoyed the… Read more “Incredible experience”

Karen and Brian - USA, May 2022

Fantastic training!

Even as an experienced boater of 30 years plus, I learned an amazing amount about boating finesse. Steve adapted the… Read more “Fantastic training!”

Lynn - USA - May 2022

Everything was perfect

Steve and Jo make you feel very comfortable. Steve makes you relax while you are learning. He is soft spoken… Read more “Everything was perfect”

Gilbert and Debra, April 2022 - USA

We highly recommend the Bargecraft Experience with Steve and Jo.

Steve’s excellent instruction has given us the foundation of confidence and competence we needed to begin our own canal barging… Read more “We highly recommend the Bargecraft Experience with Steve and Jo.”

Chuck and Linda, USA, October 2021

[Steve] is a super patient gentleman

Two days of full instruction with a super patient gentleman. Now I just need to go away and practice! Thank… Read more “[Steve] is a super patient gentleman”

Karen, France (UK ex-pat), September 2021

This has been an amazing “boat and breakfast” experience, plus lunches and dinners!

Jo and Steve are the perfect couple for providing a challenging and rewarding three days toward fulfilling the requirements for… Read more “This has been an amazing “boat and breakfast” experience, plus lunches and dinners!”

Dudley and Cheryl, USA, September 2021

What a wonderful experience

I feel very confident after Steve’s great training (although I know I have much more to learn by practice), and… Read more “What a wonderful experience”

Robert, USA, September 2021

Strongly recommend!

This course is invaluable! Happy to talk with any potential customers about our wonderful experience.… Read more “Strongly recommend!”

Christopher and Cindy, USA, August 2021

Very informative, friendly and fun

Felt we learned a lot! Lovely lunches. Thank… Read more “Very informative, friendly and fun”

Charlie and Julie, France (UK ex-pats) July 2021

Cannot recommend this course more highly for a peaceful luxurious way to learn new tricks and get a feel for canal life

Having bought a 1935 Venetian Vaporetto water-bus and fully renovated it in 4 years, I accidentally found myself in the… Read more “Cannot recommend this course more highly for a peaceful luxurious way to learn new tricks and get a feel for canal life”

Miranda and Christina, Holland (UK ex-pat), July 2021

I would highly recommend Bargecraft

I took the 3 day class and the extra day was very helpful. I will feel more confident handling my… Read more “I would highly recommend Bargecraft”

Tanya, USA (ex pat), July 2021

I cannot recommend Bargecraft boat school enough. It was an amazing experience!

It was an absolutely incredible learning experience. As a boating novice, I feel that after my Bargecraft lessons I have… Read more “I cannot recommend Bargecraft boat school enough. It was an amazing experience!”

Adam and Leigh - USA - June 2021

A musical interlude!!

Making a student feel safe and confident that the education will be fun and effective is great… Read more “A musical interlude!!”

Tom, UK June 2021

…Could not have been better hosts or teachers…

Learning to drive a 21m dutch barge could have been stressful, but Steve and Jo have provided a complete program… Read more “…Could not have been better hosts or teachers…”

Dorinda, UK (USA ex-pat), June 2021

Two days of glorious bliss in a learning environment

First class tutoring from Steve and lovely catering and social skills from Jo. An incredible experience, both in meeting both… Read more “Two days of glorious bliss in a learning environment”

Don, France (UK ex-pat), May 2021

Great Job!

Steve and Jo are a super team. You will go from freaked out to comfortable in 48 hours. Highly recommend!!… Read more “Great Job!”

Eric and Kathy, France (USA ex-pats), October 2020

This experience exceeded my expectations

I came as a solo student and they didn’t let that hamper the experience. In fact, I feel I got… Read more “This experience exceeded my expectations”

Jessica, USA, October 2019

Steve is an excellent instructor…

We were a little nervous about handling a 21m barge weighing 55 tons having only previously spent a week holidaying… Read more “Steve is an excellent instructor…”

Chris and Helen, UK, October 2019

Steve is an excellent instructor and Jo is an excellent host

The course content was exactly as described and expected. From the moment of our arrival until our final farewell they… Read more “Steve is an excellent instructor and Jo is an excellent host”

Robin and Catherine, USA, October 2019

Excellent all round

I am completely satisfied with all aspects of the course with regard to the training. The food was above expectations… Read more “Excellent all round”

Chris and Christine, UK, September 2019

Attentive, safe, comfortable environment to learn hands-on

I started out as a ‘land lubbing’ mountain girl with zero boat knowledge I now have the confidence to continue… Read more “Attentive, safe, comfortable environment to learn hands-on”

David and Katrina, USA, September 2019

I’d recommend to first timers

This course was invaluable and we would recommend it to all. We are now feeling confident about cruising the cut!… Read more “I’d recommend to first timers”

Bob and Debra, USA, September 2019

Very patient, hospitable and friendly

Enjoyed my time aboard Somewhere even though I was scared to start with. Now I feel confident I could control… Read more “Very patient, hospitable and friendly”

Mike and Karen, UK, September 2018

Highly professional and very knowledgeable…

The instruction was highly professional, very knowledgeable, very calm, patient an informative. Steve and Jo made us welcome on their… Read more “Highly professional and very knowledgeable…”

Phil and Fay, Germany (UK ex-pats), September 2019

Loved it!!

Appreciate the patience with which Steve instructed. Fantastic food from Jo. Puppies a bonus, thank you so much. See you… Read more “Loved it!!”

Rob and Suzy, UAE (New Zealand ex-pats), June 2019

Everything was first rate

If you are interested in barging with limited experience, I highly recommend this course, using a proper barge with experienced… Read more “Everything was first rate”

Patrick and Mary Lyn, Geneva (USA ex-pats), June 2019

Highly recommend the three day course as there is much to learn and experience

The course was a wonderful experience. Steve is an effective and patient instructor. The curriculum is demanding and we were… Read more “Highly recommend the three day course as there is much to learn and experience”

Les and Carolyn, USA, May 2019

What an amazing adventure!

From the first moment of arrival professionalism in every way. First rate training beyond expectations. Excellent accommodation and food –… Read more “What an amazing adventure!”

Perry and Debbie, Oregon USA, May 2019

Steve and Jo are excellent hosts and instructors.

Plus the boat is beautifully maintained and Jo’s food is excellent. Steve’s instruction positively motivates and the course includes more… Read more “Steve and Jo are excellent hosts and instructors.”

Glenn, USA, May 2019

A wonderful experience!

Steve’s instructions were so informative, I felt totally comfortable piloting the boat. Jo’s constant supply of delicious teas, cakes and… Read more “A wonderful experience!”

Steve and Maria, Florida, April 2019

All in all a very professional course on a beautiful barge.

The course was a great experience.  Professionally delivered, covering all aspects of barge life.  The accommodation and food were excellent… Read more “All in all a very professional course on a beautiful barge.”

Lisa and Kevin, France (UK expats), October 2018

I thoroughly recommend Bargecraft…

… to anyone thinking of buying their first barge.  Steve and Jo provide a professional, friendly service – challenging but… Read more “I thoroughly recommend Bargecraft…”

Graham and Makira, Australia, October 2018

Very enjoyable time…

Driving a 55 ton barge is an accident waiting to happen for the boating novice.  The clear, calm instruction provided… Read more “Very enjoyable time…”

Tony and Vanessa, USA, October 2018

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bargecraft as a barge handling school

I took a French EGP assessment in English with Steve & Jo Bridges at Bargecraft and their locally associated (French)… Read more “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bargecraft as a barge handling school”

David, UK and France, September 2018

Excellent course in a relaxed atmosphere

I was a total novice before attending, but with the tuition it installed confidence and made the learning experience an… Read more “Excellent course in a relaxed atmosphere”

Davy, Scotland, September 2018

Amazing course highly recommended…

Extremely well run by professional and friendly… Read more “Amazing course highly recommended…”

Stephen and Erin, New Zealand, September 2018

…I feel ready to start barging…

At the beginning of the course, I was terrified that I would smash ‘Somewhere’ into pieces.  My anxiety was quickly… Read more “…I feel ready to start barging…”

Jerry & Susie, USA, June 2018

Invaluable training, even after 1,000’s of kilometres under sail…

We have just bought our own Dutch barge and this course has proved invaluable training even after 1,000s of kilometres… Read more “Invaluable training, even after 1,000’s of kilometres under sail…”

Mark and Maria, Beziers, France, June 2018

A fantastic course for a novice…..

I feel so much better informed and feel more confident in all… Read more “A fantastic course for a novice…..”

Jan & Charles, New Zealand, June 2018

It may be the best there is

If you are serious about cruising on the European inland waterways on your own boat take this course.  It may… Read more “It may be the best there is”

Keith & Linda, California, June 2018

I highly recommend this course

A thorough, thoughtful course that imparts skills and confidence by direct experience and quiet, patient guidance.  Top notch! Initially, I… Read more “I highly recommend this course”

Jack and Wendy, Virginia, USA, May 2018

Best first steps into the barging world

It was the best course I ever took part in. Couldn’t be better! … Read more “Best first steps into the barging world”

Frank & Henna, Germany, May 2018

Thank you for a great experience

We were made welcome from the moment we arrived on board.  I was unsure sometimes if we were on a… Read more “Thank you for a great experience”

Richard and Mandy, UK, May 2018

An excellent course with first class facilities

An excellent course with first class facilities.  I can thoroughly recommend Steve and Jo. Thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Very informative… Read more “An excellent course with first class facilities”

Charlie and Maggie, UK, May 2018

Steve’s patience is incredible…

Steve’s patience is incredible, often when he would have been rattled by my mistakes, he calmly made suggestions for correction.… Read more “Steve’s patience is incredible…”

Phillip, California, April 2018

Everything was perfect

I particularly enjoyed the learning pace.  Although there was lots of information, I never felt rushed.  The hospitality was relaxed… Read more “Everything was perfect”

Bruce and Winston, California, April 2018

Can’t recommend this residential course highly enough…

Friendly, professional and hugely informative.  Improved my confidence and knowledge no end.  I really enjoyed it.  Five stars. Very practical,… Read more “Can’t recommend this residential course highly enough…”

Sarah and Matt, France (UK ex-pats), April 2018

…a memorable week and experience…

Just a small note of thanks for the fantastic days spent aboard and for your hospitality and instruction. I’ve attended… Read more “…a memorable week and experience…”

Edward, Waterways & Beyond, USA, March 2018

Extremely enjoyable…

Extremely enjoyable, though very hard work taking and practicing boating and crossing the locks. Food was great, company excellent. Steve was… Read more “Extremely enjoyable…”

Greg and Mirna, Los Angeles, USA, October 2017

A great learning experience…

I would like to thank you for a wonderful time.  It was a great learning experience – as well as… Read more “A great learning experience…”

Jonathan, Montreal, Canada, October 2017

Don’t change anything…

Don’t change anything else! A superbly run… Read more “Don’t change anything…”

Kevin and Annette, Switzerland (UK expats), September 2017


Everything was perfect. Thank… Read more “Perfect…”

Dennis and Virginia, France, (UK expats) September 2017

Clear and patient instruction…

Very well thought out and delivered. Wonderful food and hospitality, clear and patient instruction. Overall very good work and lovely… Read more “Clear and patient instruction…”

Greg and Bridget, England, September 2017

I leave confident and happy…

Nothing to improve – keep up the excellent work. Accommodation and food is excellent. Love the homely atmosphere. I came… Read more “I leave confident and happy…”

Brent and Deborah, Victoria, Australia, September 2017

A wonderful experience!

A wonderful experience! A very in-depth course that would be beneficial to both the novice and experienced boater. Highly recommended… Read more “A wonderful experience!”

Jonathan and Sandra, British Colombia Canada, August 2017

I would have like an extra day!

Everything was superb – particularly the teaching style and onboard experience. If anything, I would have liked an extra… Read more “I would have like an extra day!”

Roger and Karen, Washington USA, August 2017


Julian and Dioneia, Brazil, September 2017

Uniquely professional and enjoyable learning experience

Steve and Jo are the perfect hosts. They created an ideal situation how to learn how to handle a barge… Read more “Uniquely professional and enjoyable learning experience”

Jeffrey and Nancy, Chicago USA, July 2017


Charlie and David, England, July 2017

Outstanding course

Outstanding course. Instructor Steve very patient and skillful in helping one advance in navigational skills. Jo’s cooking was 5 stars!… Read more “Outstanding course”

Ly and Ed, Florida USA, June 2017

… could not have been more helpful…

Steve and Jo Bridges were referred to us by a fellow barge owner.  They could not have been more helpful… Read more “… could not have been more helpful…”

John, Canada, January 2017

Wonderful course…

Wonderful course/holiday 11/10! The entire two days were fabulous fun, highly instructive and a great experience. Many thanks to you… Read more “Wonderful course…”

Elizabeth and Anthony, Wales, March 2017