Who we are...

Chief Instructor - Steve Bridges

A retired police inspector, Steve has a nautical background with over 45 years experience of things that float, from canoes and square riggers to warships. Before becoming a professional seaman in the Royal Navy, he was also one of the few people ever to have attained a Seamanship 'O' Level at school - thank you Wallasey Sea Cadets!

During his Police career Steve coordinated multi agency major incident and command training for the emergency services and even trained staff at executive level at the 2012 National Olympics Coordination Centre in New Scotland Yard. He has a Certificate to Teach in the 'Lifelong Learning Sector' (CTTLS) and is an accredited RYA instructor.

Having lived onboard the 21 metre Dutch barge 'Somewhere' for over eight years with his wife Jo, he is fully conversant with what the French canals have to offer and is able to part this knowledge and experience to help newcomers ease into the inland waterways of Europe.

Training Centre Principal - Jo Bridges​

A former Director of a national UK charity, Jo has a solid background in Human Resources and employment law. She has retired from a bustling Covent Garden in central London where she used to have her office. Jo states that she does not miss the morning commute!

Jo has also permanently lived aboard 'Somewhere' for some years and is fully conversant with life on the inland waterways of Europe. She can offer a real perspective on living afloat, including its most hidden aspect of boating over here: community spirit! You will be pleased to know that Jo is responsible for all of your home cooked meals whilst you're onboard. She takes pride in ensuring our guests have local fresh seasonal produce, taking into account any food allergies or requirements and preferences you might have.


Ship's Dogs - Rosie and Jim
Yes, those names won't be lost on many English people reading this! Rosie is a quiet, and very amiable Maltese Terrier and all we can say is that you will fall in love with her. We planned to allow her one litter of puppies and decided to keep the runt. Jimmy was born on 21 January 2017, four hours before the arrival of a client wishing to undertake his ICC assessment. We're glad to report the day went well for everyone!